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Eesti lipp Belgia postmargil

Postitatud: 28.10.2016 22:13
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Eesti lipp on teiste NATO liikmesriikide lippude hulgas Belgia uuel postmargil, mis ilmus 24.10.2016 viiest postmargist plokina.

NATO veebilt:
Stamp for NATO's new headquarters
http://www.nato.int/cps/en/natohq/news_ ... 24suur.jpg[/img]

For stamp enthusiasts around the world, NATO’s move across the road to new headquarters has not attracted attention, until now. On Saturday (22 October 2016), the Belgian Post issued a commemorative stamp depicting the new NATO Headquarters and its distinctive architecture. Today (25 October 2016), stamp collectors were given an opportunity to purchase this collector’s item, following a ceremony at NATO Headquarters.
NATO and its members have used stamps to mark milestones in the organisation’s history on many occasions. The first commemorative stamps were issued by Portugal and the United States in 1952, for the Alliance’s third anniversary.

In 1959, France issued a stamp when the young North Atlantic Treaty Organization moved from Palais de Chaillot to the purpose-built Porte Dauphine. The building was designed in the shape of an “A” for Alliance.

Since its move to Belgium in 1967, NATO’s building has represented hands intertwined, symbolising cooperation and partnership, and strength in unity. The new headquarters is a more modern interpretation of this concept.

In today’s electronic age, sending snail-mail seems archaic, but stamp collectors can still enjoy seeing certain traditions maintained.

The new NATO stamp can be purchased online from the Belgian Post’s website.
[/quote]Belgia Posti veebilt
https://eshop.bpost.be/nl/products/de-n ... quote]5,65
Thema : in 2016 opent de nieuwe zetel van de NAVO tegenover de huidige hoofdzetel in Evere. De werken gingen van start beginoktober 2010 en zouden moeten voltooid zijn in 2016.
Creatie : Kris Maes
Formaat van de postzegels : 70 mm x 30 mm
Formaat van het blaadje : 200 mm x 170 mm
Indeling van het blaadje : 5 postzegels
Papier : gegomd wit FSC
Tanding : 11 1/2
Drukprocedé : Offset
Uitgiftedatum : 24/10/2016
Repro en druk : Stamps Production Belgium[/quote]